Summer school lecture videos here.

Reading material

Prereads for the lectures of L. Alberto Franco:

Franco, Hämäläinen (2016)

Tavella, Franco (2015)

Franco (2013)

Prereads for the lectures of Tuomas Lahtinen:

Hämäläinen, Lahtinen (2016)

Prereads for the lectures of Stewart Robinson:

Monks, Robinson, Kotiadis (2014)

Robinson, Lee, Edwards (2012)

Tako, Robinson (2010)


EJOR Special issue on Behavioural OR

Binmore and Klemperer (2002) (how to use experiments to stress test theory)

Links to videos and presentations

Watch presentations to orient yourself to some of the Summer School themes.


Raimo. P. Hämäläinen: Milestones of Systems Analysis

Raimo. P. Hämäläinen: Behavioral aspects of decision analysis

Konstantinos Katsikopoulos: Decision Theory and Rules of Thumb

Konstantinos Katsikopoulos: Bounded Rationality: The Two Cultures

Esa Saarinen: Systems Intelligence

Peter Senge: Systems Thinking for a Better World

Brain imaging research in Aalto

Colin Camerer: Neuroscience, game theory, monkeys


Raimo. P. Hämäläinen: Behavioural OR

Behavioural OR presentations in EURO 2015

Behavioural OR presentations in INFORMS 2014