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BOR summer school 2016 was a great success!

48 participants from 25 countries and 13 speakers

"Best academic event I've ever been to in my last 9 years in academia."

"Very good overview of the field in general"

"All attendees were very interesting and I learnt a lot just by talking to them."

Behavioural operational research (BOR) is a new emerging area in operational research. It is interested in the behavioural issues related to model based problem solving as well as to using models to describe human behaviour in complex settings. To learn more about this exciting new area see the conference presentations and the papers in the forthcoming EJOR special issue on BOR.

This summer school is the first in this new area and the speakers include the pioneering professors in the field. This will be a unique opportunity to get an early start in this emerging field. The presentations will cover different areas of operational research. There will also be talks by brain researchers and demonstrations of new measurement techniques, including brain imaging, which are used in studying human emotions and behaviour.

The students will have the possibility to describe their research projects and present posters. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss their research ideas with our experienced speakers and get valuable feedback.

The summer school is organized by the Systems Analysis Laboratory in the Aalto university and the BOR community. It will take place on the Otaniemi campus of the Aalto university near Helsinki.

Welcome to Finland!

Raimo P. Hämäläinen
Systems Analysis Laboratory