Research pitches

Aseguel Engin: Effects Of Information Representation On Decision Making (slides)
Mariia Kozlova: Investment Analysis And Decision Support Under Uncertainty (slides)
Andrei Matveenko: Logit, CES, And Rational Inattention (slides)
Alice Aubert: Constructing Preferences: Let's Play A Serious Game!
Alex Kharlamov: Exploring The Impact Of Planner's Behaviour And Policy On Planning Performance (slides)

Hilya Arini, Tim Bedford, John Quigley & Calvin Burns: Developing A Conceptual Model Of Trust Behaviour In Emergency Evacuation: A Comparative Case Study In Canada And Indonesia (slides)
Sara Hasani: Simulation As A Validation Tool - A Scenario Based Analysis Of Disaster Haiyan (slides)
Irene Pluchinotta: Supporting Policy Design: Lessons Learned From Water Management In The Apulia Region (Italy) (slides)
Katharina Burger: Understanding And Evaluating The Mediation Of Offline Collective Action By Online Problem-Structuring Via Smart City(zenship) Applications.
Giovanna Fancello: Multicriteria Evaluation In Space. The Case of Tourist In Alghero. (slides)
Valentina Ferretti: Behavioural issues in spatial decision-making processes