IFORS 2017

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Stream in Behavioural OR

Stream organizers:

L. Alberto Franco
Loughborough University, UK

Raimo P. Hämäläinen
Aalto University, Finland
Session titleSession chair(s)
Behavioural issues in the practice of OR L. Alberto Franco
Behavioural issues in decision making I
  • Nikolaos Argyris, Ozlem Karsu, Alec Morton: Capturing preferences for fairness in resource allocation problems
  • Valentina Ferretti: Any bias in spatial decision-making processes?
  • Detlof von Winterfeldt: Bayes and prejudice
  • Gilberto Montibeller, Valentina Ferretti, Detlof von Winterfeldt: On the effectiveness of debiasing overprecision in probabilistic estimates
Gilberto Montibeller
Simulating human behaviour Duncan Robertson
Behavioral issues in decision making II Rudolf Vetschera
Behavioural issues in environmental-decision making I
  • Mehrnoosh Enjelasi, Behnam Fahimnia, Andrew Collins: Analysing the behavioural factors in green supplier selection
  • Fridolin Haag, Peter Reichert, Nele Schuwirth, Judit Lienert: Using trade-off preferences to identify non-additive multi-criteria value functions
  • Alice H. Aubert, Judit Lienert: Environmental decision analysts, let’s be playful!
  • Pierre Glynn, Alexey Voinov, Carl Shapiro, Karen Jenni: Adaptive governance with open traceable accountable cognizant science and policy
Alice H. Aubert
Theoretical issues in behavioural OR Leroy White
Behavioural issues in environmental-decision making II Judit Lienert
Behavioural OR and operations management Ilkka Leppänen
Behavioural issues in markets and environmental management
  • Dong Xie, Xiaobo Zhao, Wanshan Zhu, Jinxing Xie: Inspection or penalty? An experimental investigation on selling genuine products or counterfeit products
  • Meysam Arvan, Behnam Fahimnia, Mohsen Reisi, Enno Siemsen: Design and validation of a behaviourally informed forecasting support system
  • Raffaele Giordano, Irene Pluchinotta, Alessandro Pagano: Organizational cultures and the creation of temporary multi-organization for environmental emergency management: Some hints from flashflood emergency in Lorca (Spain)
  • Melanie Ayre, Sarah King, Andrew Reeson: Designing a market to generate OR data - An industrial ecology case study
Melanie Ayre